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    You are now using our secure server. You have been allocated a case number and should keep a note of this number.

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    Please click whether you condition is a rash, a lesion (lump/mole) or other.

    (the next questions will differ depending which condition type you have selected)

    Answer the multiple choice questions.

    If you have answered yes to any of the multiple choice questions or would like to give more relevant information or have a specific question for the doctor you should type these in the text box.

    You can add upto 4 photos.
    (important- The photo should be in jpeg format and no larger than 10MB).

    We make an annual donation to charity, and we ask our patients which charity you would like us to support on their behalf.

    Which charity would you like to support? Please select an answer from the drop down menu.

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    You have now completed the online consultation.

    Click submit to specialist to send your case. (please wait for the page to refresh, do not click again, the information is loading).

    You will be re-directed to the confirmation page. You will receive an email with your registration details – keep these safe, you will need them to log on when the doctor posts your reply/report. You will aso receive email confirmation that your case has been submitted.

    When the doctor has assessed your case and completed the report. We will post this to your account page, you will receive an email alert to prompt you to log on to your message board to read/download report.

    If you have any queries, please use the contact page, for technical assistance during your online consultation, please call (+44) 0780 412 1135.

  • Consultant Dermatologist
    Dr. John Ashworth