Please read this disclaimer in conjunction with my curriculum vitae details which you can see at the top right menu button of the homepage.

I have a lot of experience across dermatology in general and specifically in the online consultation process.

I have vast experience in online consultations – set up an entire department for NHS services based on online remote advice which has served as a model for many similar NHS services and also this website many years ago.

In the post-Covid era remote consultations have become more common place across Medicine but we have been intimately involved in this kind of service for 20 years.

It is important to understand that an online advisory service like this is not a substitution for a full face to face and total body skin examination by an expert – a consultation like that will always be preferable.

Having said that, a good set of photographs and a good history will almost always enable us to give sensible advice, support and often a direct prescription. If we are unable to give direct support then at least we will be able to advise the next step whether that be seeing your own GP or being referred by your GP to an appropriate specialist.

We advise that you use our report in conjunction with a discussion with your own GP because there may   be situations in your past history that might be relevant – for example allergy to certain medications - and your GP will have a full record of any such problems.

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