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The medical term for "itch" - there are very many causes.

The medical term for "itch" - there are very many causes.

Many specific skin disease cause itch but there is a particular kind of itch that is worthy of special mention and that is generalised itchiness of the skin with no obvious rash to see.

This is relatively common in the elderly patient and is probably due to oil deficiency in the outer layers of the skin because the human skin does become relatively oil deficient with advancing age.

However, these exact symptoms can be directly imitated by a variety of internal diseases or deficiency situations for example thyroid disease and in any patient developing unexplained generlised pruritus it is important that they obtain a good medical check over including blood checks by their attending Physician.

Distressing itchiness can be often sorted out even in the absense of a visable skin disease - certain internal systems need to be checked and an expert consultation with a specialist can be helpful under these circumstances. you can use 'consult the specialist' here.

by Dr John Ashworh

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