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Roacuttane (Isotretinion) is an internal drug prescribed for severe or resistant acne.

Roacuttane (Isotretinoin) is an internal drug prescribed for severe or resistant acne. The medication can only be prescribed by a dermatologist in the UK.

It is prescribed for patients with severe acne where other treatments have failed. Patients are closely monitored during the treatment period. Treatment can last a number of months during which time full assessments every month are carried out.

Isotretinoin, is an anti inflammatory medication derived from vitamin A that lessens the sebum production in the skin which is thought to decrease the bacteria in the skin and in turn improve severe acne.
Common side effects can include (but is not limited to) dry lips, skin and eyes, so a good moisturiser should be used to help relieve these symptoms.

Reports of psychiatric side effects have been associated with this treatment. It is also commonly acknowledged however, that having severe acne also causes psychiatric disorders. Because of this potential side effect the patients mood will also be monitored during the treatment period.

Patients who are pregnant cannot have isotretinoin, female patients must take regular pregnancy tests during treatment and follow a pregnancy prevention plan.

If you are suffering from acne, please consider an online consultation for further advice ( note: Roaccutane/isotretinoin cannot be prescribed remotely) or see your GP or local specialist.

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