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  • Digital Mole Screening (Mole Mapping)


    If you have moles/naevi, it is important that you have an accurate record of them. The best way to achieve this, is to have a series of photographs. Do not try and rely on memory.

    You can record the pictures yourself, or have a professional digital screening.

  • 1) take photographs preferably in natural light from a window
  • 2) minimum distance 1m – do not go too close
  • 3) It is helpful to take a distance shot in order to orientate the closer views – if there are many, possibly number the skin lesions of concern (with felt tip pen) for easier identification.
  • 4) Be aware that the back of the leg and the back of the body are very important.
  • 5) Ask a friend or family member to check against the photographs about once every three or four months – repeat photographs if in doubt.
  • 6) Be familiar with irregular/suspicious mole photographs on my website.

  • Our professional digital mole screening is carried out in clinic by Dr Ashworth, a series of around 100-200 high quality photos are taken of your entire body. (The procedure is also a good chance for Dr Ashworth to do a full body check for moles).

    Your pictures are saved onto a computer disc and sent to you together with a full photo diagnostic report. The disc should be kept safe and used for reference in the future, an annual check is recommended.

    For more information, please contact us at the clinic.

    by Dr John Ashworth

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