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  • Seborrhoeic Dermatitis


    A type of red irritated dermatitis usually affecting the centre of the body from the eyebrows down the nose and sometimes on to the centre of the upper face and body.

    This is a very common condition of early-mid adult life.

    The changes are those of redness and scaliness similar to other types of eczema. The areas involved are typically the eyebrows, forehead and the sides of the nose.

    The scalp and beard areas are also involved. Excessive dandruff is a feature in many patients.

    Some patients also get a rash over the breast bone or between the shoulder blades.

    Treatments are usually very helpful but the condition does tend to recur and repeated prescriptions are often needed. A simple program will often control this very troublesome problem - consider 'consult the specialist' now for my expert opinion.

    by Dr John Ashworh

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