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    We want to support you in your practice, whether you are a GP, nurse practitioner, pharmacist, dentist, beauty therapist – you will be viewed by your clients and patients as “skin experts” and there will be many occasions, some of them inadvertent, when you will be asked about or will observe on the skin, additional problems such as eczema, psoriasis or even skin cancer. Sometimes, the questions will be outside your area of expertise, and this is where we want to support you, by having access to our consultant dermatologist.

    It could also be that prior to a treatment you want to check it is safe given a medical condition your client has.

    You can either advise your client to visit the website themselves directly, or alternatively, you can set up an account with us, which will enable you to carry out the online consultations on your clients behalf’s, all submitted consultations and reports submitted back to you from our consultant will stay in your account for you to access at any time, you can then relay the information to your client.

    Please download the professional user guide here or email us for any enquiries

    Consultant Dermatologist
    Dr. John Ashworth
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    What to do now?

      • You can: Go straight to the online consultation page for your personal report from Dr J Ashworth - (65.00 or euro equivalent per case)
      • You can: Navigate through the site using the menu above.