• Online Consultation

    Online Consultations are available via our website

    If you need an expert opinion on your skin problem, you can access the online consultation facility via our website. Dr Ashworth aims to report back to you within 48 hours. The fee is £65.00. You can reach this facility via this link, and we explain more about the consultation in these instructions. Please note  hotmail, live and outlook email systems can block our automated emails, please goto your email settings to unblock or use an alternative email address.
  • Important - please be aware -if you use HOTMAIL, LIVE or OUTLOOK EMAIL accounts - our emails may go into your junk/spam folders, or get BLOCKED please goto your email settings and check your 'blocked' list or use an alternative email address.

    What to do now?

      • You can: Go straight to the online consultation page for your personal report from Dr J Ashworth - (65.00 or euro equivalent per case)
      • You can: Navigate through the site using the menu above.