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Herpes Simplex (Cold Sores)

This viral discorder causing small painful blisters can affect any area of the skin but most typically the mouth and lips and also the genital skin - see Cold Sores. Tingling or painful blisters recurring in the same body position (eg the lips) time after time. These are caused by the virus herpes simplex. Typically […]

Herpes Zoster (Shingles)

A potentially very painful blistering condition affecting the face or body and caused by a virus affecting the nerve endings in the skin. Shingles This condition most commonly affects the ill or the elderly patient. It is usually on one side of the body only for example one side of the face or one side […]


also known medically as Dermatofibroma.


A blotchy red sometimes elevated skin rash moving from site to site and changing each day. Urticaria is an itchy condition of the skin which often appears for no apparent reason. The affected areas of skin are usually red, sometimes they are raised above the normal skin, frequently these affected areas of skin move from […]


also known as excessive sweating. Excessive sweating This medical term refers to excessive sweating and is sometimes related to internal diseases for example disease of the thyroid gland. Of course, most patients with excessive sweating are medically normal and do not carry any internal thyroid gland disorder. Specialist skin surface treatments can be tremendously helpful […]
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